FREE haircare off the internet… It is possible but maybe not how you think…!

FREE <3, Hair <3

Today is fantastic though its dreary and grey on a friday of the long weekend…. what??!?
No Im not crazy (well this may be a matter of opinion), just The lucky Clover Leaf!
Oooooooh and it is Free Hair Color Friday, I am sooooooo there!

For many years I have gone out on what most would call limbs, maybe even bare limbs, by offering up my tresses to students in need. Before the days of the internet, hair college students would ring me up when a friend of a friend suggested me as a cut and color model. 8 times out of 10 it looked spectacular though be warned: •you are in for double if not triple the time a professional would take
•you will likely at some points have to wait for an instructor to come check the progress being made on your coiffeur
•its possible it may not turn out how you or your student stylist expected
•you may make a wonderful new friend in your student stylist
•there is always the possibility of hair shows or photo shoots if it turns out to be portfolio worthy!

I really appreciate a salon with extra perks and NO Sulphates (Sulpha Allergies/aggravators plague at least 3% of the worlds population) so when I was forwarded a craigslist ad for ‘a free cut or color from a student at the Aveda Institute(Sulphate FREE products)’ on Water Street, I was immediately and excitedly whipping up an email! Super early on Friday morning a reply was written to Aura, a student at the Aveda Institute, for a 5pm appointment that would include an Aveda color application. What a way to warm up a dreary rainy friday!

Slightly before 5pm I was walking from Waterfront station down Water street in the rain under my dry umbrella to arrive at the Aveda Institute.

The Salon/academy is quite an expansive space; open concept salon/school with super high ceilings, decorated chicly with wall sized canvas’ that display beautifully coiffed models next to black print quotes of Aveda beliefs adorn the walls. Down the hall of the institute are rows of upright mirrors, salon carts, and stylist chairs all done in black leather and brushed steel.
I was signed in and given a warm minty Aveda tea. While I awaited meeting Aura for the first time, I perused the product lines that sit on chain suspended wood shelves in the windows of the front waiting area.
A very bubbly but slightly pallid looking Aura came to find me in the front waiting area to…… apologize…..? She had gotten food poisoning at lunch and very much needed to go home, but Aura was not going to send me away with the same old hair color I had waltzed in with. I was Introduced to Rose who would be taking over for Aura. I was assured, by my would be stylist Aura, that Rose was competent and could handle doing my hair.

Rose and I discussed color and highlights, She decided to try an interesting technique using conditioner and foils to create highlights using the blonde color already present on my hair while doing an all over color application on the rest of my hair. I tried to convey that I was hoping for a darker dirty blonde with hints of caramel not too red or too dark or to brown. We discussed it being a shade or two darker so that it could fade a bit in the sun while still looking good, it is May long weekend, Summer is here!
It has to be said, it is very difficult to explain color preference in words or even using pictures. Aveda is not the kind of salon to have a sample book on hand of their hair colors, Aveda colors are hand mixed for each application.

The instructor came by to discuss Roses plan with her, this involved much talk of processors and weights of kinds of color along with going over the formula that was written out. The instructor seemed satisfied and let Rose proceed.
We chatted while my hair was painted with conditioner, and foiled, and painted…. and painted….. and painted. A Classmate even came by to help Rose with the all over coloring application. Students cleaned up around us as the girls completed the job. Then the timed wait, rinse, blow dry and voila……..a toasty bordeaux red with peekaboo blonde highlights.

Wait, wait, no need to look back, this was not the color that was requested.
As stated by Rose it is a very nice color, its vibrant and will likely fade to a nutty medium brown color.
I like to be an upfront consumer no matter what establishment I am in, politely I told Rose this was not the color that had been requested, It is a nice color but not what we had discussed.
The Instructor came by to go over the results of the coloring application with Rose. Hair coloring in my opinion is 75% science and 25% art; this seemed to ring true as I heard Rose and the Instructor discuss color wheel composition and color mixing strategy to get warmer or cooler shades. They talked about what worked and what did not turn out as planned on my hair as girls seemed to dance around us tidying up the huge shop.
With that my time at the salon was done, Rose retrieved my jacket and accompanied me to the front waiting area. We said our goodbyes, I grabbed my umbrella and headed back into Downtown Vancouver with fresh Friday Fringe.

All in all this was a great experience, despite the color being different than requested, it was fun, Fantastic, and Free! Will be visiting The Aveda Institute again.

Craigslist!!! >your go to site for frugal and free fun

The Aveda Institute

Aura Makeup and Hair

Rose at The Aveda Institute

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