Marvelous Meatless Monday

Edible <3

Meatless Monday: Spaghetti alla Puttanesca In following with the Meatless Monday craze, I tried my hand at this tasty 1960’s era Italian classic!
This dish that boasts an explosion of authentic Italian flavor first crossed my pallete at the Italian night clubs on college street in Little Italy, Toronto in the summer of 2012. Since then I’ve dreamed of making it but contemplated that it must be complex, as it was sooooooo mouthwatering. However research has proven my overly contemplative mind wrong once again…

Interesting tid bit of history, this dish I randomly tried in a night club for a late night sup is famous!?!?!! Go figure.

It’s also two days before payday so making do with what is present in the fridge and pantry is key! Luckily all wanted ingredients were present (I’m not an anchovy fan so those were nixed) added a lil bit of white onion and a splash of wine to simmer up my take on Spaghetti alla Puttanesca.

The end results full stomach, famous Italian recipe cooked, and stored in memory for the next authentic Italian cuisine craving.

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