Haircut Party!

Hair <3

The last time I went for a haircut I was rather low on funds, consequently to get a haircut at a deep discount (by that I mean paying a tip only; even someone offering a free service deserves something for their time). With a couple bucks in hand I had ventured out into New Westminster to meet Dave Arnold of ‘Mobile Styling’ who was offering a free haircut in an advertisement on Craigslist.
Dave Arnold is a unique hairstylist, he is in this profession because he loves to cut hair, his artistry shows in the quality cuts he gives. My apprehension, that comes with any Craigslist Free adventure, melted away as Dave’s scissors deftly trimmed my hair into a beautiful coiffer. The hair cut looked good for quite a long time, but after 2 months of growing and with an interview coming up it was time for a trim.
Lucky for me, my Friend Tiff is psychic!

Tiff had run into a problem haircut a while back…. errrr botched de-dreading…. Well whatever the reason she had needed an emergency haircut. I put her in touch with the Master of Shears, Dave Arnold. Needless to say Tiff loved the haircut!

Tiff was planning on going for a haircut anyways so we made a day of it; turned out Tiffs friend Rachelle was in need of tress time as well. The three of us convened on Dave’s beautiful house in New Westminster BC, where we all met in the garden out back for the trimming session.


Dave was prepared with all his tools laid out, chair and cape ready and a pitcher of cool lemon water for us all to sip in the sunshine. He wasted no time with his scissors, Tiff was up first and as the extra curls fell to the floor if was evident that she was getting a fantastic hair cut.
When the scissors and clippers stopped flying Tiff was smiling



I was up next, I would like to say hair cuts are a relaxing event for me….. But if I did I would be fibbing. I know, I know I’ve been saying how amazing my hairstylist is, and he is AMAZING; I’m always a little nervous about losing locks though. David knows just how to handle my nervous questions about lengths and angles.



Rachelle went under the knife….errr shears next.


She had never been to David before but as usual he put his artistic flair into a flawless cut.

All in all a wonderful afternoon spent with great company and a talented Artist!

A big Thank You to David Arnold for being a unique hair stylist.
Much gratitude to Tiff and Rachelle for sharing their time and conversation.

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