Sunday Savings on Marvelous Monday

Clothing <3

Spent Labour day Monday morning under the sails at Canada Place in downtown Vancouver at the Aritzia Warehouse Sale!
Arrived a half hour before opening and was surprised to see a HUGE line even though it was the last day of a 7 day sales event.
The ladies in line behind me were kind enough to hold my place so I could run and get a coffee. Needed shopping fuel, especially after seeing the line up!
It was 12 minutes past 10am when my spot in the snaking line up crossed the threshold to the clothing laden convention center.
Everyone was funneled into the purse and bag check then allowed to run rampant into the racks and racks of silks, chiffons, rayons, & cottons!
Definitely some deals to be had at the warehouse sale, many items were discounted 90%…. Many items not so much. However these are still deals compared to the ticket price in store 😀

After braving the melee, sifting through bins of mismatched sizes, getting elbowed (and elbowing) once or twice, and hearing an argument over some jeans, I had my fill of the warehouse shopping experience!

I escaped with my life, 2 vibrant XXS tank tops, skin colored seamless underwear, and a pair of ankle socks.
All for under $20, except my life… That’s priceless!

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