To Garage Sale or Not to Garage Sale??


I have been itching to have a Garage Sale since doing a fall power clean on The Hidden Gem (…. This is what I call my little one bedroom apartment in Van).
Gargae Sales are an early morning activity on the weekends in Vancouver, but not so many people come out when its raining.
The weather forecast is holding me up from posting my Sale days on CraigsList.CA.

I am, the lucky Clover Leaf, but even I can not expect to be lucky enough to have a rain free weekend for a Garage Sale in Vancouver.
I will be hoping for this kind of weather…
tarps and waterproofed signs in hand.


This weekend will more likely be spent studying, according to Mr. McDonald from the East Coast who knows a thing or two about what we can expect:

In conclusion Vancouver is once again very rainy and I can be found at a coffee shop on Main Street this Sunday pouring over Googles SEO starter guide next to a soy latte….. Do Vancouverites still go Garage Sailing in October?!??!??

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