Garage Sailing, a verb, a lifestyle <3


In the city of Vancouver it is FREE to hold a Rummage Sale on your property.
Set up and advertising can also be essentially FREE by advertising for free on CraigsList, Facebook, & Twitter. You can also get crafty and make your own signs, which is great to do the weekend before your garage sale when its raining….. :/

Being a renter I do not have access to the garage on the premises but that will not stop me. I was ….. Postponed by the weather this week. This coming weekend looks splendid for a fall garage sale, which brings me to my next important tidbit of information.

Post your advertisements the Monday before your intended Rummage sale weekend. Signs can go up as soon as the weather clears, or if your clever and you put your signs in a plastic sleeve you can post them whenever.


What do You think?

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