Assistance Links Agreeance…or The Sport of being a Commuter

Travel <3


I Strolled leisurely in the crisp autumn air, to the sound of six lanes of rush hour traffic, around the corner of Commercial Drive and Broadway. As I round the edge of Shoppers I spy the 99 Bee-Line Express turning around the corner a block down. I sped up my pace a bit heading to the last section of sidewalk that people are occupying. As the bus pulls up everyone forms a general line like shape where they think the bus driver may stop. You always take a gamble in the lineup, did the person at the front of the line guess right?
The doors open and pass holders start shuffling and shoving aboard at the very back door… as usual. I revert to my leisurely walk to the third set of doors. Stepping up next to the double wide doors I assist a lady who was about to step on but, had just noticed as had I, that the bus driver left a cavernous gaping amount of space between the very raised curb and the bus platform. I hopped across the cavern and offered my hand, the lady accepted smiling and carefully stepped over onto the bus.
We both headed straight to the back and sat down in the sunny corner next to each other. We settled our belongings and coats then took out our mutual commuter newspapers almost in unison. The last people made their way on as the extra long bendy electric bus that was waiting ever so impatiently to start hurtling down Broadway. The muted tri-chime of bells signaled the beginning of the speedy all city ride that is The 99.
As the bus hurtled along from stop to stop, while passengers came and went, we read. My reading companion and I read at the same pace and continually stretched our arms out gingerly toward the packed-like-sardines crowd to turn pages. We dabbled in a great Canadian Polite Off, repeatedly apologizing to each other for knocking pages, knuckles, and of course other people.
Finally after the fifth or sixth time I said what was on my mind, “This is a little more than silly, when will the newspapers change their format to half the width of the paper? They already print the columns in the skinnier format anyways, and they pass a paper to us just as we are about to enter a crowded bus or train, its just not sound marketing.” Well wouldn’t you know it, my reading companion agreed. “It would make so much more sense, theres no space to turn pages in here” she grinned as again she shook the newsprint out in front of her to turn the page.

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