Social Media, management on another level.

Social <3

This week I started my practicum under the tutelage of Dani Vachon for FanClub, a club on Granville street with a New Orleans vibe, fantastic live acts and a mouth watering menu.
Every company in the world can benefit from the help of Online Guru. Your Online Guru may be known by any number of titles depending on your company industry and what it is you wish this person to a accomplish for you. Currently I am training under a Brand Manager.
In my practicum position I am learning new things and wrapping my mind around BaseCamp and HootSuite, as well as being back at work after 3 years off. BaseCamp is a fantastic tool for any organization to use to communicate and consolidate on projects in an extremely organized and user friendly manner.


HootSuite is an invaluable tool for post scheduling, social media monitoring and research, they have a host of tools to check your analytics and feeds all from one dashboard.

I love the level of organization and detail that you can bring to the table for a client by using spreadsheets and online tools to assist with business growth!

Now back to creating content and tweaking webpages…

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