CraigsList is a Recovery Experts dream. but….

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I like to use a lot, I use it to Barter, Buy, and Sell with local people in my community, its the worlds leading classified ad space as far as I am concerned. is beautiful in its simplicity, there are no ads running on it, the website reads a lot like real print newspaper classifieds, Craigslist is organized, You can barter and haggle on a price, it is very easy to contact a poster about their item, and the sales on Craigslist go at a break neck second-by-second pace. By that I mean sales happen quickly! 

Recently added ‘relevant’ search as the default setting when purchasers are searching for items….. I question who decided what relevant is on Craigslist. What follows is a letter I posted on Your behalf in the community section:


We the posters and purchasers on Craigslist would like you to either fix the “relevant” search results algorithm; or change the search settings so that the default is “Newest” search and we can choose to change it to this ridiculous and I might add completely irrelevant “relevant” search setting; Your best option though is to go back to not having a “relevant” search setting at all because it is useless and leading to missed ads or thinking there is nothing available that you are searching for. 

Since Craigslist is such a time sensitive ad site, the only really relevant thing you need to know is how long ago the ad was posted(the sooner you see the ad, the more likely you are to get the item. Most posters on Craigslist adhere to first come-first served, as well) and if it is worth your effort to message the poster to try to purchase the item.

PLEASE remove Relevant Search, WE love you just the way you are Craigslist, you don’t have to pretend to be other websites for us, just be yourself.

Sincerely and imploringly,

Your Public


REmove Relevant Search from Craigslist

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