Zone of Contention

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It’s somewhat like the Bermuda Triangle; that elusive zone at the back door of a Vancouver city bus, run by TransLink, that will allow you to open the door and carry on your merry way.

CLASS System Doors in Locked position

Translinks Vapor Doors CLASS System in Locked position

I have personally watched people push, shove, kick, and bash these doors that say “TOUCH HERE TO OPEN DOOR” with a picture of a flat open palm on the door.
Perhaps you have this style of bus doors where you live? I have personally also seen them in use in Edmonton, Alberta, and Toronto, Ontario.
The truth of the matter is that these doors are not “touch” activated… This is my zone of contention(Hey, she said the title)!
The “Zone of Contention” like the Bermuda Triangle, can suck you in when you least expect it. If, let’s say, your backpack is in the “Zone of Contention” you will be the one holding the bus up…. Obliviously holding up 200 people enroute home at 5-6pm.
Any travel in the “Zone of Contention” will most likely result in strangers yelling at you, bus drivers yelling at you, or random thoughtful people that will try to tell you how the door works…. even though they do not understand the mechanism either.
This lovely and confusing style of public transit door is manufactured by Vapor Doors, TransLink uses them because riders continually brutalize the push bar style door resulting in hefty repair costs…

CLASS bus doors UnLocked

Translinks Vapor Doors CLASS System in UnLocked position

The only question left then is how do you work the door??? It’s Magic naturally!
Stand facing the door with your palm or some solid surface outstretched towards the door, when the green light is lit gently wave your out stretched appendage like you are about to pull a rabbit out of a hat, Voila!
Magically the door will open for you without any physical contact.

CLASS bus doors Open

Translinks Vapor Doors CLASS System in Open position

Your still with me?

About to delve into the realm of nerdiness & Science šŸ˜‰
The Vapor Doors system uses CLASS (Contact-Less Acoustic Sensing System)Ā ultrasonic transducers(the grey dots at the top of the bus door) emit bursts of pulses to survey the exit for obstructions(You). The two disks on the door create a double cone areaĀ to sense you standing in the doorway needing to leave; this sensorĀ comes on once the driver has engaged the park brake at a stop. The third grey dot, which is directly below the green light, becomes engaged when the door has opened. This is the sensor that will tell the door to stay open until all the passengers leaving have exited. If you want the door to close just step out of the zone of contention!

Thanks to Vapor Doors for this example of their CLASS system

Thanks to Vapor Doors for this example of their CLASS system

~Copyright 2014 Jamie Learning. All rights reserved. Content created by Jamie Learning for Fantastic Frugal.


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