Frugality follows…… The DEALS!

Savings <3

I often strike up conversations with strangers about saving money. Why? Well it’s a heck of a lot more interesting than the weather in Vancouver! I have yet to meet someone who is not interested in saving money. Frugality is not cheapness(what a dirty word), these two terms are often confused. Cheap denotes a lack of quality or craftsmanship, not a low price. Frugal living is about getting the best value for your dollar, it does take a bit more effort and work on your part but the rewards can be spectacular.

My favorite frugal tactic is Yard Saling! Not sailing around the yard in a boat made for the lawn, finding deals on something you needed while exploring your city, meeting your neighbors, and honing your bartering skills.
This morning I myself put on a Yard sale and even though it’s the 1st of March there was a great turn out. I offered Mulled Apple Cider to all my guests since it was a chilly day (and apple juice was on sale at SuperStore). Met some new neighbors and had a couple people I met before, stop by to say hello while they browsed. A young girl who stopped by learned how to barter, her mother and I walked her through it and in the end she decided that though I offered to take $0.50, the bear was worth a $1 in her eyes(much to her mothers chagrin).
I give fair prices and am sometimes questioned as to my motives. I am looking to give items with lots of life left a new home where they will be appreciated, the money is not the bottom line for me.
To me all of these values make up what being Fantastic and Frugal is about.

Are You a Yard Sale shark? Have any tips for make the most of your loonies and twonies?

~Copyright 2014 Jamie Learning. All rights reserved. Content created by Jamie Learning for Fantastic Frugal.


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