My FaceBook friend John Pippus gave me a tip that all you musicians in Vancouver will want to take advantage of!

John says, “Romer’s Burger Bar in Yaletown is offering $50 worth of food and drinks for any musician or comedian who signs up for their open mics on Thursdays. I know. I couldn’t believe it either. But I was there two Thursdays ago and I got the deal. I played three songs and got the $50 deal. It can’t last – like the $2 coffees – but get it while you can.”

open mic night Romers burgers, Yaletown Vancouver BC

Thank You to John Pippus for passing along this Frugal and Fantastic advice! If you have Fantastic Frugal tips to share, please leave a reply, What is Your frugal tip?


Fantastic Frugal, Music <3, Social <3

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