McFrugal’s: a discount paradise!

Fantastic Frugal, Savings <3
McFrugals Warehouse Outlet

McFrugals Warehouse Outlet

This past week I had an epically Frugal and very Fantastic shopping adventure in South Vancouver at McFrugals Discount centre! These people know what Frugal is about, I mean Frugal is literally their last name!

Yes, you are thinking South Vancouver is far, it’s actually quite accessible! The Canada lines Marine Drive Station makes it easy to travel to this thrifty destination being only a short walk or bus transfer after your relaxing train ride.

Perhaos you just have to stop at Canadian Tire or are on your way to  SuperStore for groceries, STOP AT McFrugals FIRST! Not to mention there is little known about perfectly situated Starbucks (don’t even get me started about their rewards system… another time)

What is McFrugals?

What is McFrugals?

What McFrugals does!

What McFrugals does!

McFrugal’s Warehouse Outlet is a warehouse liquidation store, they are operated in association with ETI Essential Trading Inc.. Together they purchase name brand items from close outs, liquidations, and bankruptcies to bring you unique items at a rock bottom price.


Soooooo much clothing!! Brand New!! oh and BEACH TOYS, its a whale of time down at McFrugal’s!


Need to get set for summer, it is just around the corner, just like this display of sandals and water toys!


I can not even begin to explain how amazingly shocked I was to find a whole rack of Size 4 Globe Skate Shoes priced at….. $2!!! Those were in my basket immediately, I am going back for more this week.


McFrugal’s Warehouse Outlet is the most value for your dollar and time. A wide variety of items from pantry fillers, to flip flops.


You noticed the Construction workers who were walking heading in to McFrugal’s right? They were after these! Stacks of work gloves of many different types and sizes.


As you can see the deals practically jumped into the basket.


Kaylea and Debbie, your knowledgeable staff at McFrugal’s

Kaylea and Debbi were very helpful and knowledgable staff, they really do know and test their products. There is nothing that soothes the savage shopper quite like knowledgable sales staff!

free drinksprice_at_checkout.jpgreceipt.jpg

Free drinks after working up a thirst  also soothes the savage  shopper!


Be prepared to leave with more than you bargained for and a handful of savings. 🙂

McFrugal’s Discount

230 Marine Dr SW, Vancouver, BC V5X 2R5
tel:+1 (604) 324-0099

Open 10am – 6pm daily

Like their FaceBook Page!

McFrugals Warehouse Outlet on Facebook

McFrugal’s Warehouse Outlet on YellowPages


To take transit to McFrugals it is fastest to take the Canada Line to Marine Drive Station, from there you can catch a 100 or 3 bus heading east on Marine Drive. both of these buses stop in front of Lordco at Manitoba and Marine Drive, McFrugals is just around the corner from The Antique Warehouse next to Lordco.


~Copyright 2014 Jamie Learning. All rights reserved. Content created by Jamie Learning for Fantastic Frugal.



6 thoughts on “McFrugal’s: a discount paradise!

  1. heard that you were opening up a new store in Surrey, and wonder when you will start your hiring for retail sales associate. I wish to apply.


  2. when is the opening here in surrey? what month.. im looking forward to shop this store beacuse i live very close to the store.


  3. Sooooo, the kids bought a couch from McFrugals (on 108th in Surrey at about 150th) about two weeks ago – would you believe what it looks like now? I would recommend that no one ever shop there. They refuse to take it back, claim it was “defective” (no kidding) and no returns. I suspect it was perhaps staging furniture and never meant to be used as actual furniture. The covering was as thin as tissue wrap but not as durable. I used to go there regularly and bought various things from them but never more. Crooked in the extreme if you ask me. Tell your friends – tell everyone! I would love to be able to attach a picture because it is unbelievable. They will never again have my business, my friend’s business or the business of anyone else I talk to.


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