Deals to be had… Every Day of the Week!

Edible <3, Fantastic Frugal, Savings <3

BuyLow_Sign I was scootering past Buy-Low Foods and noticed these awesome deals, so I stopped in to check them out for you. This particular Buy-Low store is best to shop at during off hours if you can make it during mid morning or mid afternoon. My Check Out Clerk informed me that it is a bit of a mad-house on the weekends given the popularity of the deals!

IMAG1326 BuyLow_Sandwich_Board_2





To me crazy deals mean:

  • Get a coffee before attempting to enter the grocery store
  • Take a list marked with sale items you want to achieve
  • Be prepared to wait, as in you don’t need to be anywhere for the next half hour to forty five minutes
  • Chat with people in line, we are all in the business of finding the deals ❤



Buy-Low Foods

370 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5T 4G5
(604) 872-5776

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