Earthdance 2014

Fantastic Frugal

Dance with the world for Peace!

Earthdance kicks off today at Noon, Prospect Point, Xwáýxway  (Stanley Park), Vancouver, BC.
Global Earth Dance Website
Earth Dance for Peace Vancouver
This is, and has always been, a worldwide live syndicated community event, the connection with Our Global Village is Soul moving. 💓
This year’s Earth Dance in Vancouver features Talking Circles on the Earthdance theme of “Transformation” that aim to help examine what areas we can bring transformation locally and globally with the energy of dancing.
Hatha Yoga will be led from 2-3pm by Robyn from in the Yoga Zone; Stretch to the beats of Stargirl on your yoga mat in a natural setting with the bright vibes of the dance nearby.
This is a by donation event, compmetley volunteer run. Suggested donation is $10 but no one is refused at Earth Dance. bring the Love!

My first Earth Dance was in 2001, here for You is a short story of my experience.

In the fall of 2001, I traveled alone to Vancouver by plane to back pack around the lower mainland for a couple of weeks between seasonal jobs. I stuck out like a sore thumb in the Vancouver landscape back then.
Blue hair that resembled a spilled bucket of paint, steel toed safety boots for… Safety, and a huge bright yellow backpack got me stares from well meaning Italian mothers and strange “bleu” filled cat calls from the ‘gentlemen’ that populated the Cafés sipping coffee under rainy awnings.  I was feeling more than a little lost in the strange to me city of Vancouver. I had trapsed through the needle exchange line of East Hastings on my way from Downtown to Commercial Drive, not knowing any better. Eye opening for a prairie girl.
Found myself waiting on Commercial Drive to meet up with an old Edmonton room mate Elisha (Leash Glass), for late night sushi; back then you could get nigirizushi for a $1 if you arrived at the right time! We ate (alot) and  also ran into a friend of hers, Sobey Wing (DJ Sobey One) invited me to Earth Dance happening the next day. That Saturday the clouds broke, Sunshine sparkled down, music thrummed a beautiful beat in the woods and waves as we danced a stunningly humbling human made Spiral on the edge of Canada in time with Our brothers and sisters around the world.


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