Growth happens, Make sure you have room…

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 Corn Palm Plant RescueCorn_Palm_Root_Bound
Root bound Palm Corn Plant found in  neighborhood back alley.
Empty Pot

The pot that held the pot the root ball of the Corn Palm was prisoner in.

Here is the bottom Cut off the pot. The Corn Palm still would not come out of the pot, the roots had grown in tight against the plastic as there was no where else to go.

Scoring the outside of the plastic pot. A plastic pot that is to small can kill a plant of this size, roots need room to expand. With no room to expand the foliage will also die off, as is evident from the sparse leaves present at the top of this cane.


Corn Palm Plants should be replanted every 2-3 years in a larger pot with fresh well draining soil. I add sand and some wood bits to mine to simulate tropical forest floor soil.
Add more dirt around the root ball, and a planter dolly to the huge pot: VOILA! Happy to be re-potted I’m sure! This Corn Palm is the newest member of the household standing 4′ tall in its new pot


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