Festival of Lupercalia… or the True Feast of Saint Valentines

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Many Glad Tidings of Lupercalia to You and Yours!  ❤
#Lupercalia is the ancient Roman fertility and city cleansing holiday that #ValentinesDay, created by the church, has forever been trying to overshadow and cover up.

Feast Of Lupercalia

Feast Of Lupercalia

What is this strange and ancient festival you have never heard of??
Well during the Festival of Lupercalia which lasts from February 13-15th, events happen that are said to cleanse the city of evil spirits and help bolster fertility in the coming year. These events are in celebration of Wolf deities, possibly Romulus and Remus. There were two stages to the events:

“(1) The first was at the site where the twins Romulus and Remus were said to have been found being suckled by the she-wolf. This is the Lupercal. There priests sacrificed a goat and a dog whose blood they smeared on the foreheads of the young men who would soon go prancing naked around the Palatine (or sacred way) — aka the Luperci. The hide of the sacrificial animals was but into strips for use as lashes by the Luperci after the necessary feasts and drinking. (2) Following the feast, the second stage began, with the Luperci running around naked, joking, and hitting women with their goatskin thongs.” –http://ancienthistory.about.com/od/socialcustomsdailylife/a/010908Lupercal_3.htm

This is an inexpensive way to celebrate the Holiday with all your Family & Friends without having to resort to the commercialization of  the #ValentinesMonster 🙂

Goats = Fertility
Hitting/Lashing = Implied Penetration
Running Around Naked/Drunk/Oiled = Scaring Bad Spirits Away

If your having a cold depressing February turn up the heat, get naked, slather on some lotion, get drunk, and scare your Neighbors with Love…

I know I will be  😉




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