Log it or Lose it!

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Log it or Lose it!

This Sunday April 26, 2015 from 10am – 2pm is the police initiative “Log it or Lose it” offering FREE Bike Engraving at The Hastings Park Spring Farmers Market.
A serial number makes it difficult for a Bike Thief to resell a stolen Bike and can help you recover your property, if it happens to get stolen.
You can look up recovered stolen property here:
Canadian Police Information Center

Tips to Keep Your Bike Safe
*Buy a quality Lock (U and Chain Locks are solid)
*Always put the Lock through the FRAME of the bike
*If it’s a Quick Release Wheel or Seat the Lock goes through it; alternatively You can carry your Quick Release parts with You
*Park in a publicly viewable area that is well lit at night

Hold on to Your Bicycles Ladies and Gents Spring fever is just starting. Get it engraved while it’s FREE!


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