Get Low during the summer sunshine

Fantastic Frugal

I try and get my grocery shopping done on the route home after work. You can utilize this little foray into the market as a transitional “You Time” to unwind before you head home to your loved ones. Personally I have made a little ritual of after work grocery getting.
Start by stopping.
Yes that’s right make a 10 minute break at a cafe, bubble tea house, or coffee shop. If your feeling fantastic an treat yourself to a small drink. If your feeling frugal and budgeting for that dream vacay, pull up a chair and just enjoy being in a slower paced more relaxed environment than your workplace was.


A decadent chocolate experience

10 minutes is up, Yes dinner does need to be on the table. Now is when you pull out your secret weapon *The List ! Where did this list come from? You made it at home last night before you went to bed, your so clever!
It has important ingredients you are out of on it and ideas for dinner, lunch, breakfast, and snacks on it. I prefer to keep my lists in Keep a Google cross platform organization application available on Android(Play Store) Apple(iTunes) for phone and also available through web browser on PC.
Prepared for this now easy task, you can quickly weave through the crowds of hungry workers that are grabbing last minute fish stix on your way to the gourmet cheese counter for that real Parmesan for Your home made pasta bake waiting in the slow cooker at home. 😉
Be Frugal live Fantastically ❤

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