Fishy Business

Fantastic Frugal

It’s been so long you must think I had forgot about You. Totally not true, I just have a weird job with seasonal rushes. As a professional Event Decor Technician I have some strange days as far as timing goes. Three shifts in a day is not unheard of, however there can be some odd down time; what we in the industry like to refer to as “Hurry Up and Wait” moments.

Recently my Driver and I were smack dab in the middle of a “Hurry Up and Wait” situation that happened to happen over the lunch hour. The clever Driver suggested lunch and this little place I had not tried yet; Go Fish!


Being from Alberta myself, fish is not really something I’m knowledgeable about. Given my lack of pescitarian experience, I had no idea that all the local Vancouverites swear by the fry at Go Fish!


Go Fish

I do not really even like cooked fish, if you do, this place will have you happy as a clam. That being said, there was only one thing on the menu that I was after, the mildest of all fishes. I’m sure you have an inkling as to what I am refrring to, just in case you can’t guess…

I only went there for the HALIBUT!


Ok, ok, that was terrible, but it’s the truth. Halibut is the most expensive fish on the menu and that is what made this trip Fantastically Frugal! I saved money all week by packing a lunch and snacks along with me to other jobs; Freeing up my pocket book for an extravagant $12 lunch break (this is actually cheaper than a lunch at Whole Foods). Not to mention more delicious! The tartar sauce is unique, a ‘must try for yourself’ experience, it’s over seasoned with love and fresh herbs in a palette pleasing way. I ate every last delightfully light crispy morsel of fried fish and fries! The driver got an extra piece for dinner; had I known it was sooooo good I would have followed suit.

The open air atmosphere of this fry shack, though chilly in the fall lends well to making new friends.


The feathered visitors recommend the pomme frites 😉


And the little visitors recommend stopping next door on your way home for fresh fish!
Myself, I recommend, Go Fish as a great catch for Lunch 😉
Google Maps link to Go Fish

Thank You for reading Fantastic Frugal today, Your presence is noted and appreciated 😀
I’ve had many more Frugal and Fantastic findings recently, check back soon for another adventure installment written by Jamie Learning!


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