Grocery Gripes No More

Fantastic Frugal

The number one gripe I hear from people in the lower mainland is that “it is soooooooooo expensive to live here!” Yeah, thats what the news papers, and the news casters say, its so expensive… I am not gonna argue, some things are expensive; Rent, ICBC, MSP, TransLink, but these are all unavoidable expenses. Grocery shopping is unavoidable however the expense does not have to be. Let me teach you how Grocery Shopping can become a liberating experience and pleasurable for your pocket book.


When You are living Fantastic & Frugal you become smarter with Your money. For instance shopping at a branded grocery store on a main road means you are paying extra to that company for their: Branding, Location, Hours, and Purchasing Power. For certain grocery items it is necessary to stop in at these places where high end quality brand name products are available (like when you need semolina flour for pasta and it HAS to be the right kind). The smaller Bodega style grocery stores around town will ot have Kraft Dinner or Heinz Ketchup, what they will have is prices on Produce that under cut the Big Boys by half if not more.

Have you ever wondered at those tiny little ladies pulling the loaded to the gills cart across the crevices of  South Vancouvers side walks? I have! How did they afford to get all those groceries?? Who on earth are they feeding with that much food?? Seriously You had the same cart yesterday just as full of different food!!??  Yes these Ladies know about South Vancouvers dirty little secret; Fraser Street South!


Fraser Street South also known as Sunset Neighbourhood is a lovely collection of family run grocers and little shops. Nestled between 33rd avenue and 52nd avenue on Fraser street, its a walkable open air mall of sorts. The shops are quaint and bustling, expect to be run into with a cart or three. Just enjoy the experience, pretend your on vacation in a foreign country 😉

The Prices will blow your mind, You may need to purchase a cart of your own to get all the tasty fresh food home. if a $20 is the new $10 then You need to come to South Fraser street to do Your grocery shopping; $20 should net you a hefty 2-3 reusable bags of fresh produce along with other little items like canned coconut milk and longinisa sausages.



Personally I like to start or finish my shopping at Breka Bakery just south of 49th Avenue on Fraser Street. You saved a lot of money today, treat yourself to something special.


Warning: The following pictures are EXTREMELY delicious and may have you salivating on your laptop/phone!


Thank You for reading Fantastic Frugal today, Your presence is noted and appreciated 😀
I’ve had many more Frugal and Fantastic findings recently, check back soon for another adventure installment written by Jamie Learning!



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