Fresh is always Best

Vancouver is a city of wonderful surprises. We are blessed with our urban setting so close to our rural neighbors that share their bounty with us City Folk.

You know what I’m talking about?!!?!

The Farmers Market!

My favorite farmers market in Van City runs year round on Saturday’s from 10am – 2pm in Riley Park (30th & Ontario or right next to Nat Bailey Stadium or Hillcrest Community center).

The selection of fresh vegetables, meats, eggs, breads, treats, and sweets will likely have you making at least two rounds of the stalls.

You don’t wanna miss anything do you? Did you catch that purple cauliflower? That bread loaded with…what’s in there?!

Guaranteed you will not leave hungry!

Parking as always is at a premium at this location. Do the neighbours and environment a favor and ride your bike or take transit 😉

Can’t make it all the way to Vancouver’s center point? Maybe your already busy on Saturday running the Grouse Grind?

Not to worry! Our Farmer friends got you covered with multiple markets and multiple locations any given day of the week. Check em out at http://www.EatLocal.Org

What are your thoughts, anyway??

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