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Flipp is a local Flyer reading app

On average, flyer readers save 40% more on their weekly shopping.

Being a savvy shopper is one of the simplest ways to save money. Spending 20 minutes going over the flyers for your big ticket grocery items can net you an extra $50/week for… whatever your beautiful lil heart desires!

In Vancouver it rains, it rains a lot. Paper flyers do not make it to your door alive, just a pile of wet mush staring at you from the porch mat. I have relatives across the country that can not even locate their flyers; possibly lost under snow drifts or long ago blown down icy sidewalks. Not to worry though Flipp is hard at work saving trees and your hard earned dollars.out of

Flipp gives you local flyers and can keep track of your favorite stores to shop at. The app reminds you when new flyers are available, allows you to “clip” items to create a shopping list, and best of all you can search ALL THE FLYERS for a single item instead of thumbing through every flyer listed. Talk about saving your valuable time! Need to price match on the go?? Flipp !!

Flipp is my February gift to you, and for the cherry on top (Valentines day is just around the corner after all) I’ll let you in on a very poorly kept secret: TARGET CANADA IS GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!! LIQUIDATION SALE!! (keep expectations low, Target is not known for their sale prices)


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ACCEPTED!! Digital Communications Certificate, SFU

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Digital Communications

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Recently I applied to take the Digital Communications Certificate through Simon Fraser University. I present, for your reading pleasure and some small insight into my lifes direction, My Letter of Intent:

My name is Jamie Learning, I was about to turn 29 and was employed as… drum roll please… “The Head Audio Visual Technician for the Pan Pacific Hotel Convention Center & Ballrooms Vancouver”
I was setting up sound and projection gear in one of the convention rooms by myself for a business clients late luncheon presentation to around 200 guests. The client had requested that as many speakers as possible be flown very high; they wanted the guests to be able to hear the presentation clearly over the clinking of cutlery. Happy to oblige a clients request the speakers were reaching a lofty 8 feet, just brushing the ceiling tiles.
I was launching another speaker into the air on the speaker stand; listening for the click-click-click of the safety pin as it caught along the holes in the side of the telescopic pole. Upon reaching the required height, I reached behind the speaker to secure the locking nut on the stand, positioning myself directly under the speaker to do so.
In the next 5 seconds my life would be changed forever.
The speaker stand came down on itself bringing the speaker to slide down the front of my forehead catching the weight on the bridge of my nose, jerking my head neck and shoulder to the right in the process.

I am lucky to be alive, to be given this opportunity to continue in this life in a completely new direction. The direction I am choosing is the Field of Digital Communications.

When WorkSafe BC came to the conclusion that I would be unable to return to the Audio Visual Industry they invited me to entertain a number of different careers ranging from ‘soon to be obsolete position’ to ‘boring paper pusher profession’. No career that was suggested could come close to offering the dynamic job profiles available through the Digital Communications certificate.
Having always been intrigued by the marketing and design industries and having more than dabbled with computers and networking in the audio visual industry, I was naturally drawn towards the marrying of the two professions that the Digital Communications field offers. Searching for a legitimate education in Digital Communications proved both eye opening and quite a daunting task. There are many companies on the internet that would have you believe they are educators and will happily sell you an ‘education’ in your chosen field, SEO in particular is littered with these companies. Digital Communications is such a new career path that WorkSafe BC and many WorkBC offices had trouble understanding what profession I was attempting to gain an education for, Simon Fraser University proves it is on the cutting edge of education by offering these courses. After many searches with different key words and a load of sifting through fakes trying to turn a buck, I learned that there is a lot more to Digital Communication than just adding keywords to your website content and getting a search engine to crawl your pages!
I was pleasantly surprised to find that blogs and creative writing along with many different types of social media networking (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram just to name a few) make up a large part of this freely communicating industry. Not only are these types of communication tools used as a means of employment, but also to create a sense of community; this industries open data sharing model linked with the communities camaraderie make it an ideal and nurturing place for creative types that like to share their findings on what works or does not, such as myself.
Personally I am whole heartedly looking forward to again being a participant, whether involved in group activities, team work, or school. Also avid to come up with pertinent questions to share during group discussions and to be a part of the debate…