Langara College Goods Swap

Swap and save the Planet! The Goal of a #GoodsSwap is to establish a community of #Sharing and #Reusing while reducing #Waste. Langara College is hosting a Goods Swap! Tomorrow; Wednesday, November 6 from 9am-3pm @Main Foyer of Building A Trade your Stuff!! Donate still usable but no longer useful to you in particular items … Continue reading Langara College Goods Swap

Swap till you drop…Clothes that is!

I am very fond of a number of things that are not particularly mainstream... one of my true passions is a Clothing Swap Party! After having a rousing and hilarious conversation with some of my roommates, I came to the conclusion that the concept of what a "clothing swap" is not known to most people. … Continue reading Swap till you drop…Clothes that is!

Lucky Cat Wave at Me!

I am most definitely a Lucky Lucky Lucky Clover! Was at Value Village yesterday thrifting for new stock to fill the shelves of the online stores ProfferedByCats and FoundInVan. I used to live by this particular VV Boutique in the depths of Burnaby and know that Wednesday is a full shelf morning. 🙂 Thrifting is … Continue reading Lucky Cat Wave at Me!

Growth happens, Make sure you have room…

 Corn Palm Plant RescueRoot bound Palm Corn Plant found in  neighborhood back alley. Here is the bottom Cut off the pot. The Corn Palm still would not come out of the pot, the roots had grown in tight against the plastic as there was no where else to go. Scoring the outside of the plastic … Continue reading Growth happens, Make sure you have room…