The buzz is all about National Coffee Day

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​I love the black stuff, the dark oil, the café! I love coffee, coffee in all forms. Well, I have yet to meet a type of coffee that is unpalatable… maybe that super expensive kind Two-Chains be sippin’ on.

Thursday September 29th, 2016 is National Coffee Day! In celebration of this buzz worthy event many local  Vancouver business’ are giving discounts, samples, and FREE COFFEE !

Here are some of the best places to pick up a discount cuppa Joe today:

  • Second Cup locations are giving away FREE cups of coffee.
  • Tim Hortons has cups of coffee on for a $1! Tweet the hashtag #TimsCoffeeDay to win a $10 TimCard.
  • Starbucks is offering up FREE samples of Thanksgiving Blend. Starbucks is also commiting to donating a coffee plant for every bag of coffee sold.
  • Shell gas stations’ self-serve coffee bar, Costa Coffee, is offering a FREE coffee in any customization, from café lattes to an Americano!
  • Q7-Eleven Canada has been giving away FREE coffee all week, promoting their rewards app. “Free Coffee Week” now through October 1 (offer valid only with 7-Eleven app).
  • Trees Organic Coffee is doing a “Triple Coffee Stamps” promo.

*Two-Chains drinks Kopi Luwak Coffee.

The most expensive coffee is called Kopi Luwak. It is made from…wait for it….coffee beans in Sumatran wild cat poop. This “magical” creation costs up to $600 per pound.


Victoria’s now Open! No menu means bad printer, great prices!

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Victoria’s just opened their doors!

On Saturday I was navigating a rain filled Hornby Street just north of Smithe across the street from the Courthouse, dodging tourist umbrellas and determined locals. The rain had put a chill in the afternoon air and my fingers had long ago lost their warmth on the plastic umbrella handle. The open door and welcome warmth of Victoria’s easily lured me off the dripping streets of Vancouver. An open juice/coffee bar counter anchors the middle of the shop, though everything in the shop will draw your eye! The front of house is a striking copse of forest craft benches and tables, a relaxing place to enjoy your fresh smoothie or artisan espresso. The shelves were being stocked with a wide range of holistic supplies, for the very first time.

I was greeted by the friendly barista behind the counter who was whipping up a sparkling green smoothie for the owner. As he worked the barista informed me that the sign was not in from the printers yet ( I may have been circling the counter looking for a menu). Since the signage was missing the deal is as follows: $2 for any coffee (ANY style coffee!)
$5 for any Smoothie (ANY!)
The glistening green smoothie the owner had ordered was delicious, I tried a sample of it’s freshness, however I was really in the mood for a latte. While my new barista friend was making my almond milk latte on his beautiful corvette of an espresso machine he regaled me with a tale of his time in Italy training to use the red behemoth in front of him and learning the art of coffee, right down to their own shop bean roast. The latte was as delicious as the story that went with it.

20140325-065336.jpg I lingered for a bit in the warmth of Victoria’s shop and savored my perfectly hot latte. Next on my errand list was the other Victoria’s in that part of town. 😉


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