Swap till you drop…Clothes that is!

I am very fond of a number of things that are not particularly mainstream... one of my true passions is a Clothing Swap Party! After having a rousing and hilarious conversation with some of my roommates, I came to the conclusion that the concept of what a "clothing swap" is not known to most people. … Continue reading Swap till you drop…Clothes that is!

Got Craft 2015

It's a bright morning, the temperature has been climbing, and Crafters are convening on the Maritime Labour Center on Triumph Street in Vancouver! I raced down to the hall at top Honda Spree Scooter speed (50CC). Why would I race?? SWAG BAG!! There are only 50 available and you need to be early enough to … Continue reading Got Craft 2015

Thanksgiving is literally around the corner…

Have you purchased your Turkey yet? STOP! Maybe this year you don't have to spend any of your hard earned money on that expensive bird. This year all the extra cash you have can be put into side dishes to flank your foul, like fancy candied yams, peas in minted cream sauce, and walnut cranberry … Continue reading Thanksgiving is literally around the corner…

Marvelous Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday: Spaghetti alla Puttanesca In following with the Meatless Monday craze, I tried my hand at this tasty 1960's era Italian classic! This dish that boasts an explosion of authentic Italian flavor first crossed my pallete at the Italian night clubs on college street in Little Italy, Toronto in the summer of 2012. Since … Continue reading Marvelous Meatless Monday