The buzz is all about National Coffee Day

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​I love the black stuff, the dark oil, the café! I love coffee, coffee in all forms. Well, I have yet to meet a type of coffee that is unpalatable… maybe that super expensive kind Two-Chains be sippin’ on.

Thursday September 29th, 2016 is National Coffee Day! In celebration of this buzz worthy event many local  Vancouver business’ are giving discounts, samples, and FREE COFFEE !

Here are some of the best places to pick up a discount cuppa Joe today:

  • Second Cup locations are giving away FREE cups of coffee.
  • Tim Hortons has cups of coffee on for a $1! Tweet the hashtag #TimsCoffeeDay to win a $10 TimCard.
  • Starbucks is offering up FREE samples of Thanksgiving Blend. Starbucks is also commiting to donating a coffee plant for every bag of coffee sold.
  • Shell gas stations’ self-serve coffee bar, Costa Coffee, is offering a FREE coffee in any customization, from café lattes to an Americano!
  • Q7-Eleven Canada has been giving away FREE coffee all week, promoting their rewards app. “Free Coffee Week” now through October 1 (offer valid only with 7-Eleven app).
  • Trees Organic Coffee is doing a “Triple Coffee Stamps” promo.

*Two-Chains drinks Kopi Luwak Coffee.

The most expensive coffee is called Kopi Luwak. It is made from…wait for it….coffee beans in Sumatran wild cat poop. This “magical” creation costs up to $600 per pound.


Flipp over the Savings

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Flipp is a local Flyer reading app

On average, flyer readers save 40% more on their weekly shopping.

Being a savvy shopper is one of the simplest ways to save money. Spending 20 minutes going over the flyers for your big ticket grocery items can net you an extra $50/week for… whatever your beautiful lil heart desires!

In Vancouver it rains, it rains a lot. Paper flyers do not make it to your door alive, just a pile of wet mush staring at you from the porch mat. I have relatives across the country that can not even locate their flyers; possibly lost under snow drifts or long ago blown down icy sidewalks. Not to worry though Flipp is hard at work saving trees and your hard earned dollars.out of

Flipp gives you local flyers and can keep track of your favorite stores to shop at. The app reminds you when new flyers are available, allows you to “clip” items to create a shopping list, and best of all you can search ALL THE FLYERS for a single item instead of thumbing through every flyer listed. Talk about saving your valuable time! Need to price match on the go?? Flipp !!

Flipp is my February gift to you, and for the cherry on top (Valentines day is just around the corner after all) I’ll let you in on a very poorly kept secret: TARGET CANADA IS GOING OUT OF BUSINESS!! LIQUIDATION SALE!! (keep expectations low, Target is not known for their sale prices)

Deals to be had… Every Day of the Week!

Edible <3, Fantastic Frugal, Savings <3

BuyLow_Sign I was scootering past Buy-Low Foods and noticed these awesome deals, so I stopped in to check them out for you. This particular Buy-Low store is best to shop at during off hours if you can make it during mid morning or mid afternoon. My Check Out Clerk informed me that it is a bit of a mad-house on the weekends given the popularity of the deals!

IMAG1326 BuyLow_Sandwich_Board_2





To me crazy deals mean:

  • Get a coffee before attempting to enter the grocery store
  • Take a list marked with sale items you want to achieve
  • Be prepared to wait, as in you don’t need to be anywhere for the next half hour to forty five minutes
  • Chat with people in line, we are all in the business of finding the deals ❤



Buy-Low Foods

370 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5T 4G5
(604) 872-5776

McFrugal’s: a discount paradise!

Fantastic Frugal, Savings <3
McFrugals Warehouse Outlet

McFrugals Warehouse Outlet

This past week I had an epically Frugal and very Fantastic shopping adventure in South Vancouver at McFrugals Discount centre! These people know what Frugal is about, I mean Frugal is literally their last name!

Yes, you are thinking South Vancouver is far, it’s actually quite accessible! The Canada lines Marine Drive Station makes it easy to travel to this thrifty destination being only a short walk or bus transfer after your relaxing train ride.

Perhaos you just have to stop at Canadian Tire or are on your way to  SuperStore for groceries, STOP AT McFrugals FIRST! Not to mention there is little known about perfectly situated Starbucks (don’t even get me started about their rewards system… another time)

What is McFrugals?

What is McFrugals?

What McFrugals does!

What McFrugals does!

McFrugal’s Warehouse Outlet is a warehouse liquidation store, they are operated in association with ETI Essential Trading Inc.. Together they purchase name brand items from close outs, liquidations, and bankruptcies to bring you unique items at a rock bottom price.


Soooooo much clothing!! Brand New!! oh and BEACH TOYS, its a whale of time down at McFrugal’s!


Need to get set for summer, it is just around the corner, just like this display of sandals and water toys!


I can not even begin to explain how amazingly shocked I was to find a whole rack of Size 4 Globe Skate Shoes priced at….. $2!!! Those were in my basket immediately, I am going back for more this week.


McFrugal’s Warehouse Outlet is the most value for your dollar and time. A wide variety of items from pantry fillers, to flip flops.


You noticed the Construction workers who were walking heading in to McFrugal’s right? They were after these! Stacks of work gloves of many different types and sizes.


As you can see the deals practically jumped into the basket.


Kaylea and Debbie, your knowledgeable staff at McFrugal’s

Kaylea and Debbi were very helpful and knowledgable staff, they really do know and test their products. There is nothing that soothes the savage shopper quite like knowledgable sales staff!

free drinksprice_at_checkout.jpgreceipt.jpg

Free drinks after working up a thirst  also soothes the savage  shopper!


Be prepared to leave with more than you bargained for and a handful of savings. 🙂

McFrugal’s Discount

230 Marine Dr SW, Vancouver, BC V5X 2R5
tel:+1 (604) 324-0099

Open 10am – 6pm daily

Like their FaceBook Page!

McFrugals Warehouse Outlet on Facebook

McFrugal’s Warehouse Outlet on YellowPages


To take transit to McFrugals it is fastest to take the Canada Line to Marine Drive Station, from there you can catch a 100 or 3 bus heading east on Marine Drive. both of these buses stop in front of Lordco at Manitoba and Marine Drive, McFrugals is just around the corner from The Antique Warehouse next to Lordco.


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Victoria’s now Open! No menu means bad printer, great prices!

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Victoria’s just opened their doors!

On Saturday I was navigating a rain filled Hornby Street just north of Smithe across the street from the Courthouse, dodging tourist umbrellas and determined locals. The rain had put a chill in the afternoon air and my fingers had long ago lost their warmth on the plastic umbrella handle. The open door and welcome warmth of Victoria’s easily lured me off the dripping streets of Vancouver. An open juice/coffee bar counter anchors the middle of the shop, though everything in the shop will draw your eye! The front of house is a striking copse of forest craft benches and tables, a relaxing place to enjoy your fresh smoothie or artisan espresso. The shelves were being stocked with a wide range of holistic supplies, for the very first time.

I was greeted by the friendly barista behind the counter who was whipping up a sparkling green smoothie for the owner. As he worked the barista informed me that the sign was not in from the printers yet ( I may have been circling the counter looking for a menu). Since the signage was missing the deal is as follows: $2 for any coffee (ANY style coffee!)
$5 for any Smoothie (ANY!)
The glistening green smoothie the owner had ordered was delicious, I tried a sample of it’s freshness, however I was really in the mood for a latte. While my new barista friend was making my almond milk latte on his beautiful corvette of an espresso machine he regaled me with a tale of his time in Italy training to use the red behemoth in front of him and learning the art of coffee, right down to their own shop bean roast. The latte was as delicious as the story that went with it.

20140325-065336.jpg I lingered for a bit in the warmth of Victoria’s shop and savored my perfectly hot latte. Next on my errand list was the other Victoria’s in that part of town. 😉


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Weekend entertainment all planned out!

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Looking for entertainment in Vancouver this weekend that is on budget and top notch? DJ Kaps Lock, Dan Snakehead, DJ Frantiq, Hunter Green, Aristotle Punk, Glow Tyme and many more will be droppin jungle, breaks, house, & bass heavy beats this weekend that are above standard for a low low price!

(*some special conditions apply please read the fine print contained within the Posts linked below)


Friday & Saturday

Prestigio Bar & Grill -1149 Granville St




Any Given Sunday

Astoria -769 East Hastings





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Frugality follows…… The DEALS!

Savings <3

I often strike up conversations with strangers about saving money. Why? Well it’s a heck of a lot more interesting than the weather in Vancouver! I have yet to meet someone who is not interested in saving money. Frugality is not cheapness(what a dirty word), these two terms are often confused. Cheap denotes a lack of quality or craftsmanship, not a low price. Frugal living is about getting the best value for your dollar, it does take a bit more effort and work on your part but the rewards can be spectacular.

My favorite frugal tactic is Yard Saling! Not sailing around the yard in a boat made for the lawn, finding deals on something you needed while exploring your city, meeting your neighbors, and honing your bartering skills.
This morning I myself put on a Yard sale and even though it’s the 1st of March there was a great turn out. I offered Mulled Apple Cider to all my guests since it was a chilly day (and apple juice was on sale at SuperStore). Met some new neighbors and had a couple people I met before, stop by to say hello while they browsed. A young girl who stopped by learned how to barter, her mother and I walked her through it and in the end she decided that though I offered to take $0.50, the bear was worth a $1 in her eyes(much to her mothers chagrin).
I give fair prices and am sometimes questioned as to my motives. I am looking to give items with lots of life left a new home where they will be appreciated, the money is not the bottom line for me.
To me all of these values make up what being Fantastic and Frugal is about.

Are You a Yard Sale shark? Have any tips for make the most of your loonies and twonies?

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Yard Sale Success


Yard Sale

The Yard Sale was successful on one of the most beautiful October Sundays in Vancouver history Im sure. All of my customers commented on the sunshine and stunning weather. Were You at my garage sale this weekend? Would love to hear from You….