Market Days are on!

Spring has sprung in the Lower Mainland. Canada is still under the covid-19 pandemic lockdown and we are all looking to the future for that glorious day when things will be reopen again... No need to wait, Something wonderful is opening this weekend! Still following with spring tradition, it being the beginning of May we … Continue reading Market Days are on!

Fresh is always Best

Vancouver is a city of wonderful surprises. We are blessed with our urban setting so close to our rural neighbors that share their bounty with us City Folk. You know what I'm talking about?!!?! The Farmers Market! My favorite farmers market in Van City runs year round on Saturday's from 10am - 2pm in Riley … Continue reading Fresh is always Best

Swap till you drop…Clothes that is!

I am very fond of a number of things that are not particularly mainstream... one of my true passions is a Clothing Swap Party! After having a rousing and hilarious conversation with some of my roommates, I came to the conclusion that the concept of what a "clothing swap" is not known to most people. … Continue reading Swap till you drop…Clothes that is!

Grocery Gripes No More

The number one gripe I hear from people in the lower mainland is that "it is soooooooooo expensive to live here!" Yeah, thats what the news papers, and the news casters say, its so expensive... I am not gonna argue, some things are expensive; Rent, ICBC, MSP, TransLink, but these are all unavoidable expenses. Grocery … Continue reading Grocery Gripes No More

Start a New Tradition of NOT Spending Your Whole Thanksgiving in the Kitchen!

Pressure Cooked Turkey and Gravy

Turkey is time consuming to prepare, slow roasting a Turkey in the oven is tedious, getting a Game Day worthy Roasted Bird can be near impossible... UNTIL NOW! PRESSURE COOK YOUR TURKEY! Pressure Cooking as a technique has been around since the mid 1800s, these ingenious Pressurized Steam utilizing engineered pots were made available to … Continue reading Start a New Tradition of NOT Spending Your Whole Thanksgiving in the Kitchen!