Swap till you drop…Clothes that is!

I am very fond of a number of things that are not particularly mainstream... one of my true passions is a Clothing Swap Party! After having a rousing and hilarious conversation with some of my roommates, I came to the conclusion that the concept of what a "clothing swap" is not known to most people. … Continue reading Swap till you drop…Clothes that is!

Got Craft 2015

It's a bright morning, the temperature has been climbing, and Crafters are convening on the Maritime Labour Center on Triumph Street in Vancouver! I raced down to the hall at top Honda Spree Scooter speed (50CC). Why would I race?? SWAG BAG!! There are only 50 available and you need to be early enough to … Continue reading Got Craft 2015

Lucky Cat Wave at Me!

I am most definitely a Lucky Lucky Lucky Clover! Was at Value Village yesterday thrifting for new stock to fill the shelves of the online stores ProfferedByCats and FoundInVan. I used to live by this particular VV Boutique in the depths of Burnaby and know that Wednesday is a full shelf morning. 🙂 Thrifting is … Continue reading Lucky Cat Wave at Me!

Flipp over the Savings

On average, flyer readers save 40% more on their weekly shopping. Being a savvy shopper is one of the simplest ways to save money. Spending 20 minutes going over the flyers for your big ticket grocery items can net you an extra $50/week for... whatever your beautiful lil heart desires! In Vancouver it rains, it … Continue reading Flipp over the Savings

Thanksgiving is literally around the corner…

Have you purchased your Turkey yet? STOP! Maybe this year you don't have to spend any of your hard earned money on that expensive bird. This year all the extra cash you have can be put into side dishes to flank your foul, like fancy candied yams, peas in minted cream sauce, and walnut cranberry … Continue reading Thanksgiving is literally around the corner…

Its “Car Free Day” across Vancouver this Fathers Day!

Saving up for that summer vacation? Just dropped a couple bucks on that new tent at the garage sale down the street? Very Thrifty! You still wanna have a bit of fun though, I understand. So get dressed up in your most creative or comfortable Sunday Best and spend the afternoon at any of Vancouvers … Continue reading Its “Car Free Day” across Vancouver this Fathers Day!

Open Mic Night that Pays..in more ways than one!

My FaceBook friend John Pippus gave me a tip that all you musicians in Vancouver will want to take advantage of! John says, "Romer's Burger Bar in Yaletown is offering $50 worth of food and drinks for any musician or comedian who signs up for their open mics on Thursdays. I know. I couldn't believe … Continue reading Open Mic Night that Pays..in more ways than one!

Weekend entertainment all planned out!

Looking for entertainment in Vancouver this weekend that is on budget and top notch? DJ Kaps Lock, Dan Snakehead, DJ Frantiq, Hunter Green, Aristotle Punk, Glow Tyme and many more will be droppin jungle, breaks, house, & bass heavy beats this weekend that are above standard for a low low price!(*some special conditions apply please … Continue reading Weekend entertainment all planned out!

Assistance Links Agreeance…or The Sport of being a Commuter

I Strolled leisurely in the crisp autumn air, to the sound of six lanes of rush hour traffic, around the corner of Commercial Drive and Broadway. As I round the edge of Shoppers I spy the 99 Bee-Line Express turning around the corner a block down. I sped up my pace a bit heading to … Continue reading Assistance Links Agreeance…or The Sport of being a Commuter